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Client sectors

Oil and gas

Heaters / coolers
Compressor cooling, gas intercoolers
Lubricating oil coolers, combined oil/gas coolers

Chemistry, petrochemistry

Process heat exchangers for various media
Recuperative heaters
Heaters / coolers
Air dryers

Conventional power

Economizers, flue gas exchangers
Steam air heaters
Liquid and gas fuel preheaters
Additional surfaces for HRSG, flue gas condensation
Feedwater heaters
District heating, exchange stations
Generator cooling
Auxiliary cooling (both air and water), intermediate cooling loops

Nuclear power

Exchanger of essential and non-essential water, eventually other applications including equipment qualification for NPP environment
MSR modernization

Alternative energy

Steam generators for concentrated solar plants
Evaporators and condensers for ORC
Heat exchangers for the Stirling Engine cycle
Geothermal energy - hot gases, hot water, cogeneration
Flue gas exchangers and cogeneration for biogas plants

HVAC, refrigeration

Air heaters (fed by steam, liquid, electric power)
Evaporators and condensers, air dryers


LNG evaporators

Pipelines and piping systems

Hydraulic analyses of piping systems in SW PipeFlo

Electric heaters

Flow heaters for various liquid or gas applications

Food processing

We are proud of beeing the "City of Beer" residents. Brewery cooling and other equipment.