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Just now executed:

Flue gas condensers, Växjö (S)

Oil coolers of electric motor VC, NPP Temelín (CZ)

TG oil coolers modernization, Chvaletice Power Plant (CZ)

Flue gas condensers, Kuryanovo (RUS)

External engineering activities for Owner's Engineer, El Dabaa NPP (ET)

Vaporizers Freezium/LNG (FIN)

Consultancy within the Bid phase (KSA)

Up-rate of the Voith coupling oil coolers, Chvaletice Power Plant (CZ)

Hydraulic analysis of the Essential Water System, Temelín NPP (CZ)

Coolers for the reactor 15 MWth, Nuclear Research Institute ÚJV Řež (CZ)

As built documentation check, NPP Mochovce (SK)

SG feedwater preheaters - HP preheaters, Kalininskaya NPP (RUS)

Executed in the past:

Substitutuion of the compressor "Borec" intercoolers (4 stages), NPP Temelín (CZ)

Study of HPH refurbishment, Chvaletice coal fired power plant (CZ)

District water heaters, CCGT Navoi, Uzbekistan

In-house heating exchanger, CCPP Turakurgan, Uzbekistan

Oxides of Nitrogen cooler, chemical plant Synthesia Semtín (CZ)

Primary coolers Helium/water and Intermediate coolers, liquid-gas separators, delay tanks for the European Spallation Source, Lund, Sweden

Development of in-house software for zonal calculation of feed water preheaters

Up-rate of the Carbon Dioxide compressor intercoolers (4 stages) and bypass coolers (2 stages)

LNG evaporators (for ship transported liquified natural gas), Gibraltar

Intermediate circuit coolers (sea water cooling), Central Termoeléctrica Máximo Gómez, Mariel, Cuba

Auxiliary condenser, waste incineration plant Oslo, Norway

Separator (demister), reheater, LP feedwater heaters, dump condenser, intermediate circuit cooler - waste incineration plant Moerdijk (NL)

Dump condenser, LP preheater, district water heaters - waste incineration plant Dublin (IRL)


Other projects in pictures:

Feedwater preheating (steam extraction turbine MAN Diesel and Turbo of approx. 100 MWe) for acrylic chemical plant Akrilik Kimya Sanayi, Yalova, Turkey - Shell&Tube HP preheaters and hybrid Shell&Plate LP preheaters

HPH1-3    Hybrid LPH2 AKSA

Main condensers for the steam turbines 250 MW, combined cycle (steam turbine GE), Mary 3, Turkmenistan


HP electric heater 210 kW, project "HELCZA" of the Nuclear Research Institute (ÚJV) Řež, site Plzeň, design HX tech, manufacturer MICo, electric part ETTO and DEL - view into the junction box

HP cooler, project "HELCZA" of the Nuclear Research Institute (ÚJV) Řež, site Plzeň, manufacturer MICo Třebíč


The Helium cooler installed on top of the experimental He loop, site Nuclear Energy Research Institute (VÚJE) Trnava, Slovakia; manufacturer Iseng-mont, project engineering Škoda JS


Sodium fed Steam Generator, project of solar power plant Jemalong, Australia; study and basic design for Doosan Skoda Power, detail design and manufacturer WE Smith, Australia; photo by WE Smith


Air cooled process exchanger for the refinery Novopolock, Belarus - client Janka Engineering, Prague

Shell and tube cooler water-water for MICo Třebíč