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We provide in own way thermal and hydraulic design of the heat exchangers. In cooperation with other partners we are able to meet your requirements for seismic analysis, lifeteme and fatigue determination and eventual check of critical elements using FEM.

For the heat exchanger themo-hydraulic analysis is used HTRI software, for the piping net hydraulic analysis is used Pipe-FLO.The company regularly invests in the know-how improvement to keep in step with global competitors.

The list of our legal competitors is here. If you get the HTRI calculations from the third party, we presume it is an illegal SW copy (i.e. lighter expression for the crime). Thank you for preferring the official way with us.

Vibration analysis of tube bundles

We can check, redesign or help you to find solution for the equipment when vibration problem occurs. FEM based model is used to disclose flow induced vibrations and to perform modal analysis of tube bundles.


For production and project companies we deliver bases for costing - bill of material, labour hours, eventually price estimation of the complete equipment.


We provide optimization of steam turbine "cold end", especially for combined heat and power plants. We help to optimize cooling water and energy consumption and to diagnose eventual problems in "heat sink".

Piping systems

We provide hydraulic analysis of piping systems. In cooperation with our partners we are able to cover also static and seismic analysis of piping systems.

Delivery of the exchangers for special applications

The exchangers are produced according to our design or other design in partner associated company in India:

Focus on "exotic" materials like Hastelloy, Incoloy, Inconel, Monel, Tantal, or more common materials like Titanium, duplex and superduplex steel. The exchangers are made in high quality from materials purchased exclusively in USA, EU, Japan, South Korea. Naturally all common western standards are respected including sanitary requirement. We provide delivery and service in Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland.

Application especially for aggresive media in chemical production, fertilizers, pharmacutical technologies or high-temperature experimental equipment.

Start-up and troubleshooting

Operator and maintenance trainings, pre-operational tests, I&C tests, assistance for the first start-up. Troubleshooting.